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Factoring with Client’s Insurance Policy Factoring with Client’s Insurance Policy

Growth and security are crucial for success in any business. Non-recourse factoring offered by KUKE Finance combines these two important elements. First, we provide immediate access to funds that can be used to expand your business. Second, we protect your company from bad debts by taking on the risk of non-payment by your customers.

How it works

We agree to purchase your outstanding invoice before its due date falls. In return, subject to the terms of the purchase set out in our agreement with you, we immediately advance up to 90% of that invoice value. The remaining balance, in this case 10% of the invoice value, is available to you after we have received the payment from your customer. The entire process of sending invoice details and keeping track of payments can be managed online through our factoring service system.

In non-recourse factoring, the factor takes on the risk of non-payment by your customer based on a credit insurance agreement concluded between you and one of the credit insurance companies operating on the Polish markets. Under the tripartite agreement between you, KUKE Finance and an insurance company, KUKE Finance enters into the rights and obligations spurring from the credit insurance policy.

If your buyer fails to meet his payment obligations on time, we will take the necessary steps to recover the due amount. In case we are unsuccessful, we will notify the credit insurance company about the default, in accordance with the schedule specified in the insurance agreement. The insurance company will initiate its debt collection procedures. If the insurance company still fails to recover the debt, you will receive indemnity from the insurer through KUKE Finance.

It must be stressed, that the effectiveness of non-recourse factoring depends on whether the insurance company will issue adequate credit limits for buyers submitted for financing.


  • Obtain a reliable source of cash available immediately after issuing an invoice.
  • Protect your company from bad debt (non-payment by customers).
  • Be more competitive, as you are able to offer longer payment terms to customers without hurting your company’s liquidity.
  • Streamline accounts receivable management within your company (save time, optimize trade risk, factor evaluates your buyers’ creditworthiness).
  • Improve your balance sheet (factoring is not a loan, therefore it does not add to the liabilities on a balance sheet).

Who is eligible

  • Companies which sell on credit (defer payment for their buyers).
  • Businesses which want to eliminate the risk of non-payment by their customers.
  • Companies with annual income exceeding PLN 5 million.
  • Businesses which maintain comprehensive accounting.

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