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Change in business address of KUKE

We have changed our business address. As of 9 November 2018 our new location is:  
KUKE Finance S.A.
ul. Krucza
50 00-025 Warsaw, Poland
All landline telephone numbers will also change effective from 9 November 2018. You can find assistance by calling: +48 22 233 07 08 or by e-mail: .
Our registry numbers, e-mails and bank account numbers will remain unchanged.  
Please make o note of this new information in your records and direct all future correspondence to the new address found above. 
The Cedet Building located on 50 Krucza Street in Warsaw

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Kuke finance - kontakt

+48 22 233 07 08

Kuke finance - kontakt

Kuke finance - kontakt

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