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IDA and KUKE Finance will provide factoring to SMEs

The Industrial Development Agency (IDA) in collaboration with KUKE Finance is introducing a new product into its portfolio – factoring for small- and medium sized companies.

Change in business address of KUKE

We have changed our business address effective from 9 November 2018.

Accelerated growth of the Polish factoring market

More than 15,000 businesses in Poland use factoring to protect themselves against the effects of payment bottlenecks.

KUKE Finance secures a deal with Famur

KUKE Finance and Famur have signed a credit management agreement worth PLN 19.5 million in total.

The KUKE Group covers foreign contracts of Ursus S.A. worth PLN 30 million

The KUKE Group insures and finances through factoring foreign receivables of the leading Polish manufacturer of tractors and agricultural machinery.

KUKE Finance increases its share capital

KUKE has increased its share capital by PLN 10.3 million – a subsequent increase in the past three months.

Award from the economic weekly Gazeta Finansowa

Our product has been awarded by the economic weekly Gazeta Finansowa as the Best Product for Businesses in 2014.

KUKE Finance joins the Polish Factors Association

In September 2014, KUKE Finance has become a member of the Polish Factors Association.

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